Majama Whats up? Hi ni mara ya kwanza I’m using Kiswahilli haki nime anza kusahau lugha yote. Unaweza kuni practice using you? Bado sija ona mtu anajuwa Swahilli College yangu so I’m still Rusty. ^^ Lakini nataka kutumia :) Hope you have a beautiful day though! 

Anonymous said: do you have anything on somali galbeed/ogaden genocide?


10 Facts About Me

Thank you for the tag 1175e! Again I apologize for the lateness, I swear I just saw it recently and this is as quick as I could get back to you :)

  1.  I’m back on tumblr with text posts :)
  2. I’m applying for university this year. 
  3. I’m starting Poetry this year 
  4. I’m Multilingual 
  5. I love Politics and History
  6. I’ve started P90 again
  7. I loved reading but I still haven’t read TFIOS 
  8. I plan on living abroad
  9. I’m Short
  10. I’ve been on debate team since I was 11 

Fill It In

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Name: Sue ^^

Birthday: 30/6

Favorite color: Black

Lucky number: umm….. 

Height: 5’2

Talents: ?

Last dream you remember: I never remember my dreams…

Can you juggle: Sorta…? The last time I tried to I was in Primary School…

Art/sports/both: Arts…I’m horrible at any sort of sports although I was awesome with football. 

Do you like writing: Yes,but I’m terrible with words.

Do you like dancing: Yes. But I can’t dance for the life of me. 

Do you like singing: I annoy everyone who is near me. 

Dream vacation: Asia! I wanna travel the world but mostly around Korea, Japan and China. I think I would also LOVE going back home once.

Dream guy/gal: Oh well..if you’ve been following my blog long enough,then you’ll know. A guy I would take home to meet my parents…go figure out. 

Dream wedding: Subhannallah I swear I’ve never thought of it. 

Dream pet: None. I have a serious aversion to all animals. 

Dream job: Something that makes me smile when I get home regardless of the big to do list that I have.

Favorite album: Crush On You by Crush (크러쉬) I have been completely obsessed with the whole album lately and I’m usually not one that listens to whole albums. 

Least favorite song: None comes to mind at the moment. 

Least favorite album: Again I don’t really listen to whole albums.

Least favorite artist: I don’t care about it.


Guys/girls/both/other: Guys. Muslim. Preferably bilingual. 

Hair color: Dark

Eye color: Any color

Humorous/serious: Both,but humorous first

Taller/shorter: Taller, Again I’m 5’2. I had to have a kid in McDonald’s get me the straw one time. A guy who’s shorter than me… well you get the picture.  

Biggest turn-offs: Too many. But mostly a guy who feels like he has to hide his religion. 

Biggest turn-on: Astaghfurallah… I’m an Innocent teenager ^^ 

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Salaams beautiful people! I’m back on tumblr with actually text posts. ^^ Real life comes first but Inshallah I’ll start posting more and not just being a lurker. ^^


De-Stabilizing the Emergent Binary of Empowered Girl vs. Muslim Girl

Producing Malala as the exception is a technique of power. Exception proceeds by individualizing and abstracting her from the local environment and cultures, and connecting her positive attributes to another source, such as her formal education, desire for success, and ambition. Her courage is, then, not read as grounded in local cultural practices that valorize social justice. Instead, she is positioned as a singular force against local customs and cultural elements. Marking Malala as the exception sustains the trope of the “oppressed Muslim girls” against which the concept of “empowered girls” is maintained. The discourse on empowered girls, thus, rearticulates Malala in its own terms, and distances her from other Muslim girls. She is made simultaneously to stand in for, represent and symbolize the oppressed Muslim girls, and positioned as the empowered girl who is not one of them. It denies other Muslim girls similar forms of empowered subjectivities. More importantly, it sustains the façade of Islam as an oppressive religion, making interventions—such as through universal education of girls, or empowerment projects—necessary and even ethically imperative

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Idk man I’m just tired of people going like “western awareness will solve everything!” 

no it’ll give us 15 seconds of fame, lasting stereotypes, and chaos after the initial attention


Somalia 😍

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PDF dump


Some resources on various issues:

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Somalia has the most beautiful beaches.


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Construction in Mogadishu, Somalia.


Construction in Mogadishu, Somalia.

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White Feminism ahoy!I just like excuses to draw derpy faces for serious-ish topics okThere’s more that I drew but it worked better with just these two images.




White Feminism ahoy!

I just like excuses to draw derpy faces for serious-ish topics ok

There’s more that I drew but it worked better with just these two images.


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"Cadaanka iska ilaali."

Somali proverb, roughly translates to “love all”. (via papayaseason)


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i have to reblog this again

Rebloging this because he is so right. The brain Drain in Somali is a huge issue and one of the reasons why the conflict is still going on. For a few of you who don’t understand Somali comoletely or haveabit of trouble .

The guy is an interpertor and he’s saying that we shouldn’t rely on the Somali government to give its people stuff especially because its not established and that we shouldn’t really care just about the money were getting from working abroad.

He gives an anecdote about the Somali presidents bodyguard who was shot by alshaabab after being threatened numerous times. He starts to tear up when he talks about how they had to wait for the turkish embassy to take him for medical attention aborad but that they said they coudn’t until the next major accident which occured 11 months after he got shot.

He becomes really tearful when he talks about that fact that everyone who was sent with him was dead and that the doctors couldn’t do anything when they found out he was paralysed because he didn’t have a guardian with him and for the first day he was there he was starving because he couldn’t communicate his wants.